A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

(Content warning: Soulcreek contains graphic written and visual depictions of m/m sexual activity, drug use, depictions of violence and cosmic horror themes that some players may find distressing. You must be 18 years or older to play!)

Welcome to Illayla; one thousand years after the collapse of contemporary society! What happened? No one knows. The human race? Gone. 

Centuries later, the last surviving human is found with no memory, no past and a sprightly AI in his head that doesn't know the difference between humans and computers.

This post-apocalyptic future consist of sparse, primitive tribes that cling to scavenged remnants of revered technology. Their lives are made hazardous by the lethal Blackzones; swathes of abandoned, bountiful lands that are infested with ominous machine-creatures called ‘Demons’. Only the illusive Blackrunners, a sect of deft survivalists, know how to navigate the Blackzones and plunder them for precious Salvage in the name of their clan’s prosperity.

Together with the temperamental husky Loken, the last human must train to become the newest Blackrunner and discover the mysteries of the Blackzones, the incomprehensible creatures stalking them and the contentious question of his own origin.

Story and Code by Ryuo

Character sprites by Danielleclaire

Edited by Kopten Owl and Sam

Soulcreek is a sci-fi kinetic FVN intended to be released in instalments. It features a human male protagonist with a changeable name and a single m/m love interest. Choices may alter dialogue or relationship dynamics, but are mostly used for roleplaying purposes and have no major consequential effects on the story. There will be a single ending.

Soulcreek occasionally uses soundscapes to support the narrative. For the best experience, keep the sound volume turned on!

There's no update schedule for the project as this is entirely a non-commercial passion project, however I will aim for an update every three months! If you wish to follow the development of project or get in touch with me, the best way is on twitter

You can also join the discord server here!

Updated 24 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(359 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, cosmic-horror, Furry, Gay, NSFW, Post-apocalyptic, Romance, Sci-fi
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Soulcreek-0.2b-pc.zip 169 MB
Soulcreek-0.2b-mac.zip 134 MB
Soulcreek-0.2b-android.apk 151 MB

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I just finished the game and it's so freaking good OMG the part where the kid almost got snatch by the Demon gave me goosebumps I really can't wait for the next update 


I am still playing the game - I'm at the part when they are at hot springs. I will leave proper comment and my thoughts sometime later (and after I finish playing the current build) but - I just needed to come here and say that I'm MIND BLOWN. The story is SO good and the dystopian setting is so unique! And I am so intrigued by the Demons, can't wait to see more. Not to mention that the romance is so nicely paced right now and Loken is absolutely precious. 

I basically just started playing but I already love this game!


This is beyond amazing, please tell me you have a patreon


this is  another hype VN i ever read now,, im speachless ,, and thank you for sharing you wonderful VN. i hope this VN focus on flow of the story than horny stuff but horny stuff is a bunos, btw... i rate it 10/10.. good  job.. man love  u

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Compared to the many VNs that I have played:

"Some have finished in a short amount of time."

"Some have 'Just Started' being put out there."

"Some have already finished"

"Some are getting upgraded, entirely."

And "Some are still going through Development, either for The Hype of the long-awaited reveal."

"or they have been left behind, due to Time and Reality/Common Sense."

*****Spoilers Below*****



I can see this VN on My list with:

(#15)Sileo, (#14)Echo, (#13)Distant Travels, (#12)In Case of Emergency, (#11)Shelter, (#10)Psychic Connections, (#9)Minotaur Hotel, (#8)Morenatsu, (#7)The Human Heart, (#6)Lyre, (#5)Nekojishi, (#4)Adastra, (#3)Perfect Touch(by Mosin), 

And Even (#1)BlackGate, which is still my favorite. 

To the fact that this VN, is (#2), which would end up changing to (#1), depending on how the end of BlackGate would be. 

But it's (#2) because, the writing is fucking perfect, the story is crazy badass, the characters are cool, 

Fucking Huge Loken talking the reader down as if he can become even bigger than the human, 

"Since it seems that he likes that the Protag is smaller than him, he's probably even wanting to put the protag in his pocket at this point.

Even with that mention of being the "Bigger-Alpha-Hound" setting him off hungry about being bigger. It's to the point that I'm left hoping he can grow bigger... magic? potions? Another new plant to focus on? "Still going through Hound Growth Spurt, due to Hound biology???" please?????"

-----and with the minimal updates this game has been getting, it's clear to see this VN has so much love, time, and effort put into it with how long it is right now,

"Fucking Amazing Motivation All For This Project Right Here."

So Keep on, G̶r̶o̶w̶i̶n̶'̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶i̶g̶ ̶g̶u̶y̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶9̶f̶t̶ ̶t̶a̶l̶l̶, 

"Going" Guys. 🤣👍

And I would give the 5 stars, if I could


I just discovered this VN a few weeks ago, and now that I've completed reading it up to the current builds' ending, I have to say, this is by far one of the most well-written, well-constructed VNs I've ever read. The story writing is on point and beyond, and the artwork and soundscapes are just *chef's kiss*. The vibe feels so refreshing and it really immerses you in the world. Of course, nothing is without flaws, but they are so minor that you don't really even notice them. 10/10, I Love it.

And of course Loken, boi do I want to be in Alex's place

Hello! ^^

I am a translator from the project of translating furry novels into Russian. I would like permission to translate your story. Is it possible to translate your story and distribute it using our media resources? If necessary, we can provide you with the finished translated material.

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Man, I was really happy getting the notification that Soulcreek had gotten an update. It is definitely worth the read, 10/10


I replayed the whole VN to get back into the characters and it was worth it. 

After the first two days of the story the Blackzones had this vague weird vibe to them but I couldn't imagine them. Now during the third day, we have seen them and they are downright terrifying. Constant psychological terror, exiles, ruins and danger everywhere. I esp liked the detail with the dawnsugar (?) cooking and selling to nomads. That's some nice world building.

The relationship between the protagonist and Loken has become increasingly complex and beautiful to watch. "You are small" has been used in so many contexts now but I think it will find a biological context during the indulgence :D

Loken is opening up bit by bit and cute in his protectiveness <3 Poor him was overwhelmed when Orion  was in the Troupe... I felt a little bad for Orion, when he said something like the protagonist being his replacement, but I guess Orion might not care that much maybe? Still hoping for them to talk things out before (!) the indulgence. Oh man, are the protagonist and Loken really gonna sit and watch the whole orgy thing with Orion or are they gonna disappear quickly? :D

Loken trying to shield the protagonist from the indulgence because he is "modest" is incredibly cute.

I love how Byte and Loken have become a bit more familiar after a lot of distrust and overprotectiveness. But Loken learned to understand what Byte even was and realized his helpfulness. It's just hard for them to even communicate. Theoretically Byte could take over the body (which is a little scary) and talk directly. Maybe they are gonna do that at some point? Also, it is kinda scary that Byte can take over without the protagonists consent...

I like everything exchange with Byte, the way he pops up is hilarious at times.

We got some answers, but are still missing a lot. The protagonist was in some lab tube thing in the beginning and Loken breaking it caused the two satellite stations / server rooms to start. Is it like a security reaction or is the protagonist "supposed" to download the data at the two stations?

Is the protagonist humanities fallback attempt to reboot civilization with "The old Knowledge" on those servers?

Apparently there is an algorithm on there, but why does it need so much data? Is it an ai maybe? Byte definitely seemed to "recognize" the tech, so the data could be another ai for all we know.

Btw, is the protagonist a robot?? Or a bit of a cyborg? With a human mind though hopefully? :D The not-breathing part is definitely weird. I would try to find out if I had any anomalies in his body.

We still don't know what the demons really are though. Are they even real? They are described as robots definetly, but with some "magic" horror to them xD Very scary soundeffects btw during the scene with the demon! 

Are the demons rogue ai that destroyed humanity? They don't seem to like the protagonist sneaking around. Where did the infliction virus come from or how developed it?

But what are the Blackzones in the first place and what causes the psychological influence? The demons themselves or is something at soulcreek causing it?

Man, I'm hyped for the next chapter and let me know what you think of my theories.

Thanks for creating this gem!

Consider Patreon maybe?


I've played a number of VN's and this one is such a top tier piece of work. The writing is astoundingly well done, the characters have such a good range of emotions, depth and complexity! The world building/art is beautiful and there's the perfect amount of humor that only develops the character more and just makes this such a fun VN to enjoy. Stellar game, cant wait for the next update!


Loving this so far, so glad I found this. 


As other people pointed out this is an excellent VN.  I've read a number of interactive fics but it has been some time any has made me hold my breath so frequently and my attention so fast . It is absolutely and positively terrifying at points. But also very warm with it's characters and their relationships. I look forward to it's future and it has already made an impact on me!

Lots of love and gratitude from Brazil :D

PS: I love Loken

PS²: I REALY love Loken and will protect him at ALL costs


A very well-written visual novel.
Everyday was so surprising, both main and sub characters'  expressions, lines were all on point, the choices affects the story which gave very good impression for those who likes both fantasy and romance included like me.
Also, nice sprites! i love the artworks, especially the Husky.
I hope you will give us more updates in the future and hope you're doing well as well!
My rate 10/10.


Read it all in one sitting IT WAS AMAZING.

It is well written and has a unique soul to it. Most definitely a gem! From the characters, to how we learn things as both the reader and the MC, the descriptions within the Blackzone and the creatures stalking them, the pacing, every single point has had a lot of thought behind it and it was beautifully executed by the author.

I do not mean to disparage the artwork, but I would most definitely purchase this as a regular novel, and quite happily too.

I really do love the artwork, especially that darn Husky. It also gives a unique vibe to this VN which I have fallen in love with. It's no masterpiece but it doesn't have to be. It's everything it needs to be given the setting.

Overall, this is a well put together VN which was also incredibly fun to read. I'd be insane not to share this with others, so I have taken the liberty of telling some friends. Great job Ryuo 11/10.

I rate this review a 10/10, totally agree

In case you want to read a damn good gay romance novel, you wouldn't want to miss this one Gloam: Gay Monster Romance (Monstrous Book 4). It has over 2000 positive reviews on Amazon, and apparantly the other volumes are even better according to the reviews. The setting is similar to SC also post-apocalyptic. 

You're right, Soulcreek is an AMAZING read!


Honestly @Ryuo this is is amazing so far. You are also one of the first people I have seen that does not have a patreon for your work or others. It gives me a lot of inspiration to keep working on my project, working on my drawing skills etc. Thank you for your hard work and anyone else in the project. Props.


This visual novel doesn't have a Patreon? 😮


Honestly I love byte, it's the way he just shows up and is funny 😍💅 #byteslays


I was originally just here for the secs, but this VN has somehow got me 200 percent invested in the plot, it's awakened a sci fi, fantasy mystery solving itch in me and now I'm just here to uncover the mysteries of the past. 10/10


Yup this blew me away, the creater has put so much love into this. I wait with baited breath for the next update.


I hope this will continue for quite a long time. I am pleased to see such a well made visual novel.


Simply the best VN i have ever played. Thats it.


This VN is amazing!!
Thank you for the efforts and can't wait for the next update !!!


I can not believe this game is only on its second build, it has so much content and it is soo good all the characters are fun and interesting and the story is really good too


when Loken gonna pin me down and do what he wants...... i cant stop thinking a big alpha husky pin me down 🥰


Think this is already one of my favorite VN's

(1 edit) (+10)

oh dear, that second build did give me all the cosmic horror creeps.

I love it, also, a certain good doggo already has my hearth. 

(1 edit) (+6)

Damn! Poor kids. NGL, if my favorite mentor would lay into me like that, I'd be bawling my eyes out (even as an adult, I just can't take people yelling at me). It would have been enough of a punishment for me and it would be another trauma to remember for my whole life besides nearly dying from the demon.

And I'm not going to lie that I wanna know what kind discipline Drevonia gave them, though I can imagine one thing that could be worse than Loken's brief scolding and could fit the world of Illayla, but I hope it's not that.

And I hope that we get to see them and address them in the next update as I think that a sorry and a thank you to both Loken and MC (mainly Loken though) is defo warranted.

Also I hope that the MC gets to properly explain to Loken what relationships were like before the Cascade before they get down to the naughty business. And I think that listening to Byte about just saying yes or no is just a bad idea.


That algorithm being made during the Cascade and the demons being angered by us retrieving just one half of it makes me think, that it is an algorithm, that will allow us to fight against or even downright destroy the demons. And the MC having an AI inside his brain and not needing to breath or eat points to him being some sort of part of a plan or a weapon to destroy the demons (the algorithm being another part of it and another part of it being stored in Soulcreek).


Sounds like a decent theory. Then the MC and Byte are "supposed to" find the two parts. That explains why Byte felt the station to be so familiar.

We only know the servers seem to store an algorithm. But also a lot of data. So is it a weapon, or an ai maybe?

Or, maybe the MC ist part of a civilization-reboot program and the servers contain all information about technology.


I Jenually cried in fear with the kid my core was shooketh.

When is the next update coming??????????????????????????


usually every 1.5-2 months. The creator usually states when the next one comes out.




I really like this Vn, the storyline is amazing and unique. I can't wait for the next update!!!


OMFG this is a really amazing vn, i'm loving the story soo far it's soo intriguing. Finished readin' today, i can't wait to find out more.

Hope ye guys continue workin' on this VN, ye guys did a really amazing job here. 

(1 edit) (+4)

This game is honestly beyond my expectations, I played the first update on release and the second one has just shown the effort and care your team puts in and it really pays off. The story is so immersive and intruiging. Please don't cancel this, it's one of the more unique storylines. I personally don't mind the 1/2/3 month update intervals because the story and characters are worth it.


Pick Violence 

Pick Violence but feel bad

Pick Backflip

This made me laugh.


The update was spontaneous,I can feel the emotions and the panic\Anxiety the mc was having, that's what all types of stories should have and y'all nailed it to the bat. I really can't wait for the next update but please take y'all's time patient work makes\gives awesome rewards, thank you for this amazing story y'all are doing.


I played the update yesterday but I'm still thinkin about the Blackzone stuff, I was really hyped for it before the update, and it really didn't disappoint, I'm excited to see more disturbing stuff related to them in the future because the ambiance while MC was attuning his vigor was amazing, as well as Demons of course. I'm not familiar with cosmic horror as a genre for the most part, but I've also been wondering if showing any sort of abstract imagery (instead of a black screen) when there are demons present would detract from the horror of how incomprehensible they're meant to be. The sound effects are very effective for that purpose, so I'm just wondering if seeing something disturbing but abstract or ever-shifting would contribute to the horror element in this case.

While I don't love the more fanservicey stuff, or MC being that much of a bottom, I'll admit that at this point I'd have no qualms about having sex scenes with Loken or anything of the like, specially because of their (seemingly) different perspective on sex and relationships, making the whole affair much deeper and interesting to see, so I'm excited to see where their relationship ends up going, as well as the potential misunderstandings. Other than that, I do appreciate Loken being as unique as he is, being awkward and insecure in many respects, yet still being dominant and very wise, it makes for a lovely combination that only becomes more apparent over time.


No need to breathe? No problem! It's perfect for oral gratification~

No need to eat? Great! It leaves the pipes clean for anal fun at any time of the day~

And all this talk about ownership? Bring it on! If Loken wants to claim us, I know a method of tying that is far more sufficient than a chain~


you naughty naughty 


Hey :p I'm not the 1ne designing a perfect cum vessel xD


There's a channel in the discord you'll probably like lol


Not a part of discord :3 guess xa'll gonna be exposed to my depraved thoughts xp


Waaaah! "O_O This last update was amazing! \>o</ SoulCreek has easily joined the ranks of Adastra and Far Beyond The World! Absolutely incredible!


I personally wouldn’t call Far Beyond The World incredible.


It's got everything I could ask for UwU but each to his own ;)




great chapter, keep it up.

thank you for this novel


Awesomw update and Vn Looking forwerd to next days with loken.

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